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TIW Experience: Painting with Melysa Gorlicky

Learn how to paint with Melysa Gorlicky in our painting workshop!

You don't need to be an experienced artist to make a great painting, in fact you don't need to be an artist at all. She will show you exactly how to turn a blank canvas into your very own masterpiece!

Melysa is a Toronto based artist and live performance painter with over 18 years experience. Melysa began painting at an early age. At the age of 16 Melysa's professional career took off when she began exhibiting her work and performing live at local Toronto events. It was during that time she sold her first painting while on display at Revival, a well known Toronto venue.

In 2001 she attended The Toronto School of Fine Art and then moved on to study at OCAD where she specialized in Fine Art and Industrial Design. Since then Melysa continues to be a force in the art industry with her original style and unique talent. She has sold hundreds of paintings and performed at numerous events ranging from major fundraisers to corporate events for Cola-Cola, KPMG, Urban Decay, and Porsche to name just a few, and also private parties.

When she's not in the studio or performing, Melysa donates her time working with people with special needs through art therapy. She is a natural teacher and enjoys teaching adults as well as children, She runs her own unique art program for kids at numerous schools in the GTA and hosts paint parties for anyone seeking a lighthearted and fun art lesson.


Catch Melysa's Paint class at camp or in Toronto at one of her paint parties!

You can also follow her work and live performance schedule here:

Instagram: @liveartist


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