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TIW Experience: BoardAgain Games

Board Again Games


Meet Michelle, owner of BoardAgain Games. Her vision of creating an inclusive community of gamers is now a reality thanks to her and her team of board game aficionados. BoardAgain not only brings with them an assortment of games, (some old classics and some new ones) but also their passion and knowledge of all things board game related. We wanted to bring some of that good natured competition, collaboration, and inclusivity to camp, which is why we asked BoardAgain Games to join us last year. And since we had a blast last year, we asked BoardAgain, BackAgain. (zing!)

Get to know our board game buds, BoardAgain Games!

BoardAgain Games at TIW 2016

Rainy afternoon board games at TIW2016

Who are you?

Michelle Isocianu owner of BoardAgain Games. We run board game events both private and public ones.

When did you start BoardAgain?

BoardAgain was born in 2015. Currently we run a weekly board game night at Queen and Bathurst (Death in Venice Gelato) as well as a monthly women and trans event at See-Scape in the junction. Matt Pfaff and David Rudoler both help teach and source out new and fun games for us to share with the community. Tianna Henry helps out with Women and Trans event. Over the past 2-year, through our efforts of having specific game nights for queers, women, trans, poly and everyone in between, we are proud to have gathered a really wonderful community of inclusive gamers.

Board Again Games

Are there any charities that you're involved with?

Every year we join the Extra Life 24 hour board game challenge. All the money we raise goes to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. We believe that bringing people together through board games nurtures face to face social interactions that may be challenging for some, especially in a big city. We often see people showing up to our events alone and leave with a new group of friends they can see weekly and share common interests.

What would people be surprised to know about BoardAgain?

All the games are ours! And collectively we know all the rules to all the games! Maybe with the exception of one or two we haven’t gotten around to playing yet.

Board Again Games

Why did BoardAgain want to join us at TIW?

I was approached by Danielle to come to TIW2016. I thought it would be an excellent experience for us. To get our name out there as well as, of course share our love for board games. I personally have never been to camp but David has, and thought it would be a great fit. Mainly to add an option for the people who may not want an outdoor physical activity. After our experience last year, we found it’s also an excellent activity for a rainy day!

Monopoly or Pop-o-Matic Trouble?

To be honest, I haven’t played any of those except Monopoly. And we’ve started BoardAgain because we want to show people there is a world of games beyond Monopoly! There are so many amazing and cool games out there to try!

What’s your favourite Two Islands Weekend activity?

Does food count? I loved all the food and coffee and teas!

Board Again Games

BoardAgain's Rudoler and Matt Pfaff taking in the view at TIW 2016

What was the most surprising thing about Two Islands Weekend?

David and I grew up in Thornhill, I was surprised to meet and see how many people from there attended this particular event. I suppose it’s not all that surprising, given that Camp Timberland is a popular camp.

BoardAgain Games at TIW 2016

What’s your favourite Two Islands Weekend memory?

After hours we ended up in the staff lounge and played a game called Secret Hitler! It was a ton of fun!

Any advice for first time campers?

Soak it all in! Talk to everyone, eat and try new things!

Anything else you’d like to add?

We really enjoyed our time and are super excited to come back!

Where can we find you?

twitter: @BoardAgain

Instagram: @BoardAgain

What's your favourite board game? Tell us in the comments!


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