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2017 Camp Style Guide

Camp Style Guide

When it comes to camp style TIW has your back! So here is our style guide, tips and top must haves for camp 2017! So before you back your bags make sure to check this out!

Camp Style Guide

Camp Style Guide: Rain Gear

Tip # 1

If you have every gone to summer camp as a kid then you know that the weather can change in a blink of an eye. One minute it could be clear skies and sailing (literally) and then in the next moment it could be a torrential down pour. You should always be prepared for the changing temps and weather conditions. So bring your rain gear and make sure it is handy!

Camp Style Guide: Jumpers

Tip # 2

The key to understand killer camp style is that it should be super comfy but also super stylish. You do not have to sacrifice a cute outfit just because you want to be comfortable. A comfy sweat pant outfit, jumper, tights or boyfriend jeans are always on repeat!

Camp Style Guide: Day to Night

Tip # 3

Outfits should take you from day to night! I often find myself having so much fun at camp that my day outfit becomes my night outfit. Throw on a pair of ripped boyfriend jean shorts, a white T, a toque, converse shoes, slap on plaid shirt around your waist and you are go to go!

But always remember….Layering is a must!

Tip # 4

Did I mention that Layering is a Must!?! :)

Camp Style Guide: Layering

Camp Style Guide: Beach Wear

Tip # 5

The waterfront is the most beautiful part of camp. So if you're anything like me and love feeling and view of the lake then your going to be spending most of your day at Main Beach! A super cute bather along with cover up, baseball hat, and coverage are always a must.

Camp Style Guide: Wool Socks

Tip # 6

The best accessories to bring to camp (and you can thank me later) are warm wooly socks. They are my secret weapon- for staying warm, dry and cozy.

Tip #7

And lastly, whatever you do decide to wear make sure it has an adjustable draw-strings as our camp food is killer!

Camp Style Blog: Comfy Clothing

Natalie's Pack List:

  • Jean shorts and boyfriend jeans

  • Jean jacket/leather jacket or bomber jacket

  • Overall, jumper or romper

  • Embroidered sweatshirt or hoodie

  • Toque and baseball hat

  • Runners, rain boots and warm boots

  • Sweat pant outfit

  • Basic T’s and tanks

  • Baseball Shirt

  • Bathers

  • Plaid and/or jean shirt

  • Chunky scarf

  • A cool pair of sunnies

  • Backpack

  • And of course, my TIW clothing!

Canp Style Guide: Natalie's Packlist

See you at camp ✌️


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