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Top 10+ Ways to Make the Most out of Two Islands Weekend


1. Start a Game of Beer Pong or Flip Cup

Start the weekend off right! As soon as you arrive, get to the Mess Hall, grab a beer and let the games begin! Cheering and high fives highly recommended.

2. Show Your Team Spirit: Cabin Shirts + Crazy Cups

Take your team spirit up a level, make your own Cabin Shirts + Crazy Cups. We've seen some pretty epic things over the years, so don't be afraid to go big. There's also a prize for the craziest cup.

3. Join the Scavenger Hunt

Run around with flashlights the first evening on a camp wide scavenger hunt. Make a macaroni picture then find someone who can Break Dance then make up a team cheer then find someone who knows how to spell Diarrhea! Okay, that last one was a trick, no one knows how it spell Diarahia.

Brush up on your quick thinking, skill testing and cardio. The scavenger hunt is no small feat.

4. Eat!

Bring your appetite because our chef-made dinners never disappoint. We bring in some of the top chefs across Ontario to keep our campers well fed. But don't worry, we also have authentic summer camp meals at breakfast and lunch to add a little nostalgia to the weekend as well. Late night snacks? We got those too. There's a reason our motto is Eat. Drink. Camp.

5. Drink! (Responsibly, of course)

No one goes thirsty here. We're all-inclusive, so sample our offerings of beer Seriously Cool Wine, Pommies Cider, mixed drinks as well as a selection from Black Fly Booze. We also have Just Craft Soda, Propeller Coffee, Pluck Tea, Sapsucker water and Belmonte Raw juice when a detox is necessary.

5. Try Something New

Say goodbye to the ordinary and try:

  • Zip Lining

  • Zorb Soccer

  • Acro Yoga

  • Archery Tag

  • Paddle Boarding

  • Tie Dyeing

  • Canoeing

You'll actually be excited the next time someone asks "So what's new?"

6. Bring All You Got to the Colour War

The entire camp competes cabin vs. cabin in a variety of ridiculous skill testing activities. You're an professional athlete? A rocket scientist? Great! Now strap a bucket to your butt and twerk. Leave the real world behind, cheer, dance, balance pasta and laugh your asses off. (But don't laugh at the Hotline Bling dance off 'cause you'll be out)

7. Get On The Water

The Water Inflatables are maybe the most fun you can have with your bathing suit on. There's also paddle boards, canoes, kayaks and tubes available for campers to get their float on.

8. Do the Polar Bear Dip

At the crack of dawn Saturday morning, a number of brave souls jump into the not-so-warm lake for the annual TIW Polar Bear Dip. They say that it is the most refreshing way to start your day. They also scream and say a bunch of stuff we can't repeat when they jump in. A good laugh at the crack of dawn is also a very refreshing way to start your day so I guess it's a win-win. Whether you take the plunge or enjoy the carnage, the Polar Bear Dip is one thing not to be missed!

9. Sign Up For The Talent Show

Got a whole crew who knows an entire routine from Sister Act 2? ☝️ Call them up because you're getting the band back together. Be prepared to have the entire audience singing and dancing along because that's how we roll at camp.

10. Roast S'Mores on the Beach

The S'Mores Bar opens Friday evening right on the beach. First, we build a gigantic bonfire for everyone to snuggle up to. Then, we put out marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate and carefully selected branches for campers to create their S'masterpieces. Lastly, we have the sweet sounds of acoustic guitars. No Kumbaya here, our people play the songs you actually want to sing along to.

Ghost Hunt with Bytown Paranormal

11. Go on a Ghost Hunt

This year we're bringing in some serious ghost hunters, Bytown Paranormal to take brave campers on a late night guided ghost hunt!

First they'll meet campers around the campfire to talk ghost hunting and share some of their scariest encounters. Then they'll take campers to an abandoned part of camp to ask the spirit world "Is anyone here with us?"

No one really sleeps at camp anyways, right? 😅

12. Channel your Inner Beyoncé

Beyoncé Dance Class

Bring your heels and join Counsellor Bronwyn for her Beyoncé Dance Class! She transforms campers into the Queen Bees they always knew they were! A camper favourite, back again this year for another run!

Warning: last year was 🔥🔥🔥

13. Take a hike

Wild Edibles Hike

Whether you go on our guided Wild Edibles Hike or just follow the paths on your own, make sure you take a moment to appreciate the beauty of Haliburton!

14. Dance Your Heart Out

Saturday nights alright for dancing! 🎵 Show off your dance floor skillz and sing along at the top of your lungs when "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" comes on.

15. Chill Out

Most importantly, don't forget to stop and enjoy it. Whether that means floating on a tube, having a beer on the beach, sitting on the dock or by the campfire. Take it in, be present, and take lots of pictures because this incredible weekend is going to make everyone on your Instagram very jealous.

See you at camp ✌️

Have an addition to the list? Leave your comments below!

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