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TIW Experience: Acro Yoga

Acro Yoga with MoeJo Flow

Who are you?

MoeJo Flow - coaching for wellness

- specifically Acro Yoga/Yoga/Handstands/Personal Training

We are a couple named Andrew Moe and Jo Bot and started a year ago partnering to teach together. We have classes in East York and hold workshops all over Ontario

Acro Yoga with MoeJo Flow

How did MoeJo Flow start?

Andrew has been involved with fitness most of his adult life and spent 20 plus years as a bodybuilder and powerlifter. After recovering from an injury he sustained from weight training, he discovered yoga and was amazed at the change in his functionality. He immediately fell in love with the practice and realized that he wanted to share it with as many people as possible.

He completed the 250 hour Fast Track Yoga Teacher Training program at The Yoga Sanctuary and then stumbled upon Acro Yoga, which he found to be the most playful and enjoyable form of exercise he had ever experienced. At any given moment you will find Andrew in a spontaneous and joyous handstand, or lying with his feet up in the air with his acro partner flying safely overhead!

Joanne has been a personal trainer for 15+ years and recently discovered yoga as part of her own training to address the instability caused by scoliosis which began to affect her more and more as she aged. The improvements that she saw both physically and mentally inspired her to delve deeper into this journey. She recently attended the 250 hour Fast Track Yoga Teacher Training program with The Yoga Sanctuary and is excited to share all the knowledge gleaned from this wonderful program. Joanne completed the 100hr Teacher Training program with ACROYOGA 360 this year and now she finds joy sharing the benefits of a regular yoga practice and the playfulness of acro yoga with everyone – including her mother and her grandmother

Did you or Andrew ever go to summer camp as kids?

Andrew went to summer camp and said he enjoyed the closing ceremonies with awards and a big bonfire and flags and drums as a youth but Jo’s first time at camp was only as an adult with Two Islands weekend 2 years ago.

Acro Yoga with MoeJo Flow

Why did MoeJo Flow want to be part of Camp for Adults?

We had such an amazing time our first year and we have passion for Acro Yoga, so to share how much it’s all about communication, trust and connection with others, in our opinion is a perfect match!

What do people find the most surprising about AcroYoga?

Probably how much we are capable of as humans if we just keep an open mind your body can achieve spectacular things...including balancing on another human being for Acro Yoga.

What are some of the things MoeJo Flow are doing that you're especially proud of?

Jo Bot is giving free coaching with yoga/acro yoga at a Mental Wellness drop in loft every week so that people can be in a judgement free zone and learn to trust again.

We also would like to think that introducing Acro Yoga to adults helps us incorporate play into our over stressed lives so that we can find more joy and move our bodies in a beneficial way.

Acro Yoga with MoeJo Flow

Whats the best way to do Yoga/AcroYoga?

Outside, by the water.

Where can we find you?

and also MoeJoFlow on instagram

If Two Islands Weekend were a yoga pose which one would it be?

Free bird definitely because it connects us to our inner child when we used to play airplane or bird being lifted by an adult and balancing on their feet. It’s simple and pure and makes you feel unrestricted and like you can take on the world!

Besides acro yoga, what’s your favourite Two Islands Weekend activity?

Colour war, scavenger hunt, wild edibles hike.

Our camp mantra is Eat. Drink. Play...what’s your camp mantra?

Fly, Smile, and Connect

Acro Yoga with MoeJo Flow

What’s your favourite Two Islands Weekend memory?

One of our favourite memories last year was teaching the bachelorette group from the east coast some acro yoga basics on the sunny dock on Sunday because they didn’t get a chance to sign up for the acro yoga class before it was filled up.

The first year we remember all of us sitting around a small campfire near our cabin and everyone was pretty chill and slowly people kept drifting off to go to sleep but we would never hear them leave until we looked and they were gone. We kept teasing that people were getting “raptured” Also the colour war was AMAZING…. our friend Gail made us all team t-shirts and we had wigs/tutus/cat ears etc.

Acro Yoga with MoeJo Flow

Any advice for first time campers?

Don’t be self conscious, try things you normally wouldn’t, Have FUN!

What was the most surprising thing about Two Islands Weekend?

Everyone can become instant friends from all walks of life

Anything else you’d like to add?

Come try our class!

Describe your TIW experience in 5 emojis: 🤖 👯 😎 😍 👌

Would you try Acro Yoga? Let us know in the comments!

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