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Humans of TIW: Camper Sarah

When Sarah's friend backed out on camp last minute, she shrugged it off and came solo. In the true spirit of TIW, it didn't take long for her to be embraced by the other campers. It wasn't too difficult. Sarah is one of those people you like the instant you meet her. She's super friendly and super laid back. Whether you want to spend the afternoon making Shrinky Dinks and macramé bracelets or dance all Saturday night, Sarah's your girl!


Hi Sarah! Tell us about yourself.

I'm Sarah Kapetaneas! I'm 34, never married and no kids. Really just looking for that one special person to share my life with, who can take long walks on the beach... oh not that kind of questionnaire?! Love animals (specifically cats) but I'm too much of a traveler to commit to an animal.

Where are you from?

Born and raised Torontonian, but I've lived all over! Most recently- Melbourne, Australia!

TIW Hoser Photobooth

Sarah (far left) at the Hoser Photobooth + Dance Party

How did you end up attending Two Islands Weekend?

I was bored one day and on Twitter and I saw an article about the best camps for adults! I looked into a few and I wasn't interested in locking up my phone for the weekend, or an adventure camp, or yoga all weekend. TIW appealed to me cause it seemed cool and was affordable, but it came with a catch. Waitlist! I had tried a few times to snatch the tix that became available and one day I finally got one! And then another (for a friend who eventually bailed last minute so I ended up going alone!)

2016 was your first year at camp?

My first year was last year and I'm keen to make it an annual thing!

Did you ever go to summer camp in your youth?

Being a city kid, I used to go to Harbourfront camps- circus, canoe, sailing, etc and I was a camp counsellor for a few years at Camp Robin Hood in Markham.

Shrinky Dinks at Camp

What’s your favourite Two Islands Weekend activity?

The food. Is that considered an activity? Ok, the macramé bracelet making. I just wanted to chill so I wanted easy activities. I ended up getting really good at it, and I made some bracelets for a bunch of CFL players in their team colours! Long story. If you see me at camp ask me about it!

Top bunk or bottom bunk?

Bottom! I'm afraid I'd fall out of the top!

Our camp mantra is Eat. Drink. Play...what’s your camp mantra?

Always room for seconds!

What’s your favourite Two Islands Weekend memory?

The dance party on the Saturday night!

Any advice for first time campers?

Make the most of it! And don't sleep the afternoon away cause you'll miss some cool activities! My one regret! I missed the painting!

Sarah, this is probably a silly question, but are we going to see you at TIW2017?


5 emojis that describe your TIW experience?

😍 🤤 🥓 💃🏻 ❤️


If you see Sarah at camp, say hello! Grab a drink with her! Make a bracelet! Join her on the dance floor! At camp, no one is a stranger.


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