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Partner Up: Meet Lindsay + Black Fly Booze

TIW + Black Fly Booze


Black Fly Booze

Lindsay (middle) and the rest of the Black Fly Team at Two Islands Weekend 2016

Say hello!

Hi, I'm Lindsay Fiume with Black Fly Booze! Black Fly makes ready to drink alcoholic cocktails that are less sweet, more natural and craft produced in London, Ontario.

Black Fly is not only Canadian, but also based in Ontario. Tell us where it all started.

Black Fly was founded 12 years ago in London, Ont. by Rob and Cathy Kelly. The Kelly’s are still very hands on with every aspect of the business and have grown their business to a large national brand with sales across Canada. This year we will be expanding into the US market as well as expanding sales of our whey based spirit, Bob’s Super Smooth Vodka.

Black Fly Booze

For people who haven't tried Black Fly yet, what would you say is the most surprising thing about it?

People assume that most coolers are overly sweet and artificial, once we get them to try our products they are always surprised by how great our products taste. Our drinks are made with natural cane sugar and real fruit juices, this results in an easy to drink authentic tasting beverage.

One thing that surprised us was how environmentally conscious Black Fly are.

We Are Green! Reducing our environmental footprint through a host of green initiatives is a key value of Black Fly. Black Fly bottles are strong and unbreakable making these bottles a safe choice in environments where broken glass poses a problem. These bottles are made from PET 1, the most recyclable plastic currently used in this industry.

Our 4 pack carriers were designed to reduced packaging using the least amount of corrugate possible.

Any hacks or recipes you'd recommend?

Because our products are more natural they are great to mix together or with other products. Our Vodka Cranberry or Vodka Grapefruit are delicious mixed with sparkling wine and fresh fruit for a super easy sangria! Make your own Beer-garita with our Tequila Margarita or Grapefruit Radler with the Vodka Grapefruit. Our specially designed large mouth bottles make it easy to add ice right into the bottle or throw the plastic bottle in the freezer!!

Black Fly Booze

Bottle necks are wide so that you can easily add an ice cube! Genius!

Who are you most looking forward to seeing at TIW2017?

It wouldn’t be TIW without Barry from McAuslan Brewing. His energy and awesome lineup of beers has been one of the most memorable parts of camp.

Black Fly Booze

Did you ever go to summer camp as a kid?

Yes! I went to multiple sleep away camps every summer as a child, the greatest part of camp was the lasting friendships that were formed…..and arts n crafts!

So it was a pretty easy decision to come back and be a part of camp as an adult?

I loved camp as a child so I was pretty excited to go back to camp as an adult…even if it meant working! Camp has only gotten better since I was a child, you still make lasting friendships but the food is so much better…and you can drink!

Where can we find Black Fly when we're not at camp?

Black Fly Beverages are available all across Canada at the LCBO or check to see where you can buy Black Fly through out Canada and the States. And of course, you can follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks Lindsay! See you at the craft table ✂️

-Black Fly Booze Contest Closed-


"Partner Up" is an opportunity for our campers to get to know some of the amazing people behind the brands who partner with Two Islands Weekend. We try to find the best Canadian companies (big and small) to be part of our weekend to enhance the experience for all our campers. These features are not paid for or requested by our sponsors, we just really like them! Please consider supporting these great Canadian businesses outside of camp.

Love Black Fly? Let us know in the comments!

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