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How to Keep the Spirit of Summer Camp Alive All Year Long

Two Islands Weekend may be done for the season but you can still find ways to keep the camp spirit alive all year long. Here's how you can add a little Summer Camp into your everyday life:

Explore a New Park

Why wait until camp to reconnect with nature? Canada is filled with so many gorgeous parks to explore! And throughout 2017, there's free admission to all national parks in Canada. Get some fresh air in yo' hair.

Host a Craft Night with Friends

Who cares what you make, just CREATE!

Reconnect with Cabinmates

Cabinmate Date! Don't lose touch over the off season, make a plan to grab a drink with your favourite bunk mates. Make sure to enjoy some St Ambroise, Sandbanks Wine, BlackFly or Pommies Cider to make it an authentic TIW reunion.


Cedar Incense Cones from Scout (405 Roncesvalles Ave) and this Oven S'mores recipe allow you to safely bring the campfire inside.

Bonus: Play one of the "Fireplace for Your Home" videos on Netflix in the background for added camp coziness.

Or Just Watch a Camp Movie

The essentials: Wet Hot American Summer, Meatballs, Camp Nowhere, Heavyweights, The Parent Trap, Addams Family Values, Sleepaway Camp or Friday the 13th!

Check out this list of the best summer camp movies from the 90's + 00's.

How do you keep the camp spirit alive through the off season? Tell us in the comments!

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