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Arts + Crafts: Cootie Catchers

Cootie Catchers/Fortune Tellers (whatever you want to call them) were a pretty big deal way back when. Next to M.A.S.H. , it was the quintessential way to get a glimpse into the great unknown. And the results were treated as an absolute guarantee. This is of course, after you've made your BFF redraw until you landed on a suitable future, ie. marrying Joey McIntyre (Thanks Vanessa!)

Surprisingly, these are still popular today! When we went to go search for instructions, what we found were a number of next level variations on the traditional Cootie Catcher. So we narrowed down our favourites to share with you here!

Fortune Wookie

Brush up on your Wookie calls! You'll get 2 or 3 goes at it before they'll catch onto the joke.

Shark Attack!

Who can resist this adorable mini Jaws? This is more of a puppet than a fortune teller, but still a fun time.


Attention all crazy cat ladies! Here's one more for the collection.

Santa and Reindeer Puppets

Ho Ho Ho.

Modern Minimalist

A modern minimalist update on an old classic. They suggest using marble printed paper to take them up a notch.

Have another suggestion or great Cootie Catcher memory? Leave us a comment below!

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