10 Signs You Went to Overnight Camp as a Kid

Going to overnight camp was the greatest experience of all time! And if you're like me and went to overnight camp as a kid, you'll know these things all too well...

You are totally comfortable in the buff

Lets face it, showering everyday at camp was optional and having

privacy was not an option (unless you were the kid who wore their

bathing suit in the shower). Lets just say your camp friends ended up

knowing you very well.

You fought long and hard to have a top bunk

The second those cabin assignments are announced you scheme and

plot about how you can get the best bunk in town, and you’re not afraid

to use a little force if it comes down to it.

Every day is that “time of the month”

Ladies are you with me?! To avoid plunging into that dark, freezing cold

lake you may or may not have been telling the truth about your monthly


You came home taller (and maybe wider)

Even though you have only been gone for a few short weeks, the second

you arrive off that bus you are surrounded by loves ones telling you

how big you have gotten. Which is surprising because - you didn’t eat

much - the camp food sucked and you lived off of Mr. Noodles.

You had “camp friends and city friends”

Even though you technically only spent a total of 7 weeks with your

camp friends, you have a bond like no other. You rock your boondoggle

friendship bracelets all year long and have inside jokes that no one else

would understand. And when your school friends ask you to get

together, you say you can’t because you have a camp reunion!

You know the camp address better then your home address

You want your tuck right? Well then writing letters home is a must

(even if the letter had zero content and was just signed with your name

at the bottom).

Your wardrobe pretty much consisted of sweatpants, sweatpants and more sweatpants

When your parents take you on a camp shopping spree (at Chocky’s)

and spend a small fortune on your new camp wardrobe but all you endup wearing is an ratty pair of sweats

You looked forward to rainy days

Trapped in small wooden, unheated, box with 16 of your cabin mates

was a pure dream come true. Lol, just kidding. But seriously, staying

warm and cozy, while eating comfort food, colouring, braiding hair,

making friendship bracelets and telling stories was what camp was

really about.

You had a camp crush

No camp experience was complete unless you had a camp

boyfriend/girlfriend. And lets face it, you were so much cooler if you


You cried going to camp and cried coming home from camp

You are balling when the bus takes off and your face is plastered to the

bus window as you watch your parents and loved ones get smaller and smaller (and then you see them high fiving in the distance).When you’re at camp it feels like you have been there forever, but when it comes to an end you feel like it went by in a blink of an eye and you immediately start counting down the days until next summer.

Have another essential camp experience? Share them in the comments!

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