How you spend your weekend at TIW2019 is entirely up to you! If you want a jam-packed schedule go for it.  If you're into more of a “Hey, what’s happening over here?” vibe, that’s cool too!


Two Islands Weekend has a number of drop-in style activities ✌️ where you can just pop in at any point, without signing up. Just head over to the location of the program at any point during the program time slot and chat with a staff member, get the supplies required and off you go!


We also have some limited space specialty programs that will require sign-up ✏️ .  Registration for specialty programs will take place at camp on FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 6 during the Welcome Snack. (If there are latecomers, we will also have registration open at breakfast on SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 7). The specialty programs are first-come-first-serve so if they’re full, they’re full! There’s still lots to do at camp!


We also have a few camp-wide activities 📣 , which are activities that the entire camp can participate in at the same time; regardless of whether you are required to sign-up in advance or not, please be on time for these activities, as we will begin at the scheduled time (i.e. these are not drop-in programs). 


All activities subject to change without notice.

2019 Camp Activities

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Activity Descriptions

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