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TIW's Gift Guide for Your Favourite Camper

2016 Gift Guide

We've been all over Toronto visiting our favourite locals shops to put together the best camp themed gifts for the camper on your list!

Muskoka Campfire Candle

Pendleton Camp Blanket, spotted at Northern Standard

Paine's Balsam Fir Incense, spotted at Easy Tiger

Paine's Log Cabin Burner [for Balsam Fir Incense, above], spotted at Scout

Adventure Mug, spotted at Labour of Love

Waterproof Camping Hoodie, spotted at Muttonhead

Camp Socks, spotted at Northern Standard

Brave the Woods Keychain, spotted at Cry Wolf

Wild MTN. Fire Stick Matches, spotted at Muttonhead

Mens + Womens Vintage Canoe T-Shirts, spotted at Scout

Field Notes Notebook, spotted at I Have a Crush on You

Happy Holidays from TIW!

Did we miss any great finds? Tell us in the comments!

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