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Top 10 Camp Moments from Two Islands Weekend 2016

TIW 2016 was our biggest year (over 250 campers!) and not coincidentally, our best year yet. We're not just saying this, we literally have the most awesome people come to camp. We put together the best activities, food and drink but it's the people that make every year a hilarious, fun, ridiculous, good time. Here are some of our favourite moments from TIW 2016:

10. Lindsay Slaying it on the Dance Floor

Girl's got skills and did not hold back for the Saturday night's 'Hoser Hoedown' dance party.

9. Milou Celebrating her 30th like a Rock Star

With a live band backing her up. NBD. (Courtesy of Good Enough Live Karaoke)

8. This Bride-to-be's 3 day (Camp) Bachelorette with her Crew

Fact: Ain't no party like a bridal party, cause a bridal party don't stop.

7. The Cartels Winning the Colour War

What happens when a random group of campers (who have never met before) are thrown together to compete? They take no prisoners.

6. Harley's Tank Tops

All day, everyday. They don't call him Mr. Muscles for nothing.

5. Former Timberlane Campers Reunited for One More Weekend of Summer Camp

These girls got together to turn back time and relive the best summers of their lives.

4. Campers Transformed into Queen Bees

This magical moment that started with the ladies of the Beyonce dance class making a "I'll do it, if you do it" pact and went (way) beyond their comfort zone to kill it at the talent show.

3. Campfire Sing-a-long

That moment, sitting around a campfire, roasting marshmallows for s'mores and hearing 70+ campers sing along to Weezer, Radiohead and Foo Fighters played on acoustic guitar. This is camp. 👌 (Courtesy of Good Enough Live Karaoke)

2. Hotline Bling at the Colour War

2 rules:

1. Dance as hard as you can to Hotline Bling

2. You laugh, you lose.

Pro Tip: Intense Eye Contact

1. Dance/Sing Along at the Talent Show

The supportive crowd at TIW 2016's First Annual Talent Show was incredible. Not only did they cheer enthusiastically for every act, they even sang along. By the end of the show, the whole room was dancing!

And if we missed a few (And I'm sure we did), add your favourite moments in the comments below!

Also, we just posted all of our favourite pictures from #TIW2016 to our facebook page. Are we friends on there yet? We really should be. All photos taken by the amazing Ksenija Hotic Photography.

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